A New Era: Creating Conscious Connection When Choosing Your Professional Path

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We hear a lot of sayings about how to lead a good and successful life.“You reap what you sow,” “grow where you’re planted,” and “the early bird gets the worm,” are all pretty popular idioms that were coined to help us navigate through life and become the best versions of ourselves.But lately, one of the most common sentiments about success is that you must be willing to “Do the work.” At face value, it seems to make sense when it comes to achieving goals — you have to get your hands dirty and dedicate yourself to completing the job to be successful.In the professional setting, that could mean you show up to your meetings, ensure you’re on time, and build your schedule for maximum productivity. After all, when you dedicate yourself to these things, you’ll get work done. But what about the intangible things in business?How do you go beyond the systems that make a business fiscally successful and get into the nitty gritty of fulfilling your company’s mission, vision, and values?Now, more than ever, it’s the intangibles that people are looking for in a job. They want to feel supported, cared for, and thought of as more than cogs in a machine.So how do you make that happen as a business owner? Do you find ways to invest in your employees’ retirement funds, increase their benefits packages, and open the option of unlimited PTO? Or do you do something more?At DotConnect, we believe that highly successful corporations do much more than offer a good salary with excellent benefits packages. Instead, they focus on conscious leadership that grows an inclusive corporate culture.How do they do that? We’re glad you asked.

Motivation, Meditation, + Movement: Three Ways to Create a Better Routine

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Have you ever been in this situation?You wake up on Monday, ready to take on the world. Your work week is laid out in front of you, you (think that you) have a great schedule laid out so that you can balance your work life and home life, and you are sure that everything is going to go according to plan.And for most of Monday, it does.Then, the unthinkable happens. One of your clients has an urgent request that needs finishing before the week is over… schedule ruined. That simple shift in routine does more than make you feel overwhelmed at work — it affects your mood and increases your stress levels, and before you know it, your healthy work-life balance has been thrown out the window, and you’ve brought work problems home with you.We know this feeling all too well at DotConnect, and even though you may think the sky is falling when your workload changes or you need to alter your plans, it’s not the end of the world!Added stress happens from time to time, but with the proper routine, you can overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.Today, we’ll dive into three essentials to our days at Dot that can help you achieve the balance you want in life. And no, we’re not talking about the Pomodoro Technique, time blocking, and scheduling hacks — even though we love those things too.Instead, we’re about to look at the routine outside of work and the essentials for achieving an inner calmness that gives you the clarity to handle life’s unexpected changes with poise.

DotConnect’s Rituals: A Guide to Journaling for Professional Success

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How many times have you gone to the store to purchase a gorgeous new notebook with the intention of starting a daily journaling practice, only to find it collecting dust on your shelf after only three days of use?Look, we don’t mean to call you out! When we were first starting out, we were guilty of that too.The thing is, journaling is an incredibly beneficial tool for personal and professional development. But like any new practice, it can be really difficult at first, especially if you don’t have any guidance in your writing.Once you get started however, there are so many benefits you may find it hard to stop! There are endless ways you can use journaling: For creativity, personal and professional growth, working through emotions, letting go of past experience, and much, much more.

Three Books That Changed the Way We Work At DotConnect

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Is there anything better than sitting outside on a warm, sunny day with a great book?It’s one of life’s ultimate simple pleasures. Getting away from a screen, slowing down enough to focus on an author’s words, enriching our lives through an imaginary world, or absorbing life-changing information.We’re major bookworms here at DotConnect. We love all kinds of genres, from epic fantasy novels to classics to nonfiction reads.But we particularly love self-help, mindset, work strategy, and mental health books. This is because we’re pretty much addicted to personal development, and to feeding our minds and spirits with information to help us understand and transform ourselves in all of the best possible ways.What’s more, we don’t limit ourselves to growing only in our personal lives. We’ve bridged the personal and the professional, so we show up at work as our authentic selves, are honest about our growth, and are always actively working to create a conscious environment on the job.To keep ourselves in the habit of raising our consciousness, we all regularly read enlightening information. Raising your consciousness is a lifelong process, so it’s important to make contemplative practices a habit. That’s fine because there is nothing more satisfying than leveling up only to level up again. It’s a continuous evolution.Are you interested in raising your consciousness? We’ve got a few of our top reads for personal and professional development that are just waiting for you to pick up. They changed how we work here at Dot, and we know they’ll be game changers for you too.