Let’s build your team together.

If you’re looking for someone just to fill seats at your organization and leave, keep looking. At DotConnect, we put in the hard work to find candidates that are dedicated to your company’s mission and keep working with you to grow a people-focused culture.

Step 1:

We partner with your HR staff and hiring managers to learn what you need from the recruitment process. Don’t expect us to look at an org chart and leave — we like to make ourselves comfortable.

Step 2:

After we set up, we start digging to find the perfect fit for your team. The best talent isn’t always local, and we’re literally willing to travel the globe to source the right people for you.

Step 3:

Once we’ve found the right humans for your team, we support and educate them, so they know what to expect when they start. The last thing you want from a new team member is culture shock.

Step 4:

This step is where the magic really happens. We continue to nurture your team and work with you to grow a human-centric corporate culture that reflects your brand — it’s what makes people excited to stay.


As an RPO, we take a different approach to recruiting. We don’t just source talent — we become a fully-embedded part of your team. Relationships are essential to finding the right people, so be prepared for some bonding when you choose to work with us.

We foster conscious corporate culture.

Our goal is not only to find talent but also to create a great place to work. Working with our team helps your company learn more about its identity and how you can use that identity to build a distinctive corporate culture.

We help people find their path.

We do more than just help companies find the right talent — we also educate people to become stellar talent acquisition specialists. Our Path Connect program, led by our CEO, Dom Farnan, teaches you everything you need to become a successful recruiter.

Are You Ready?

When you partner with us at DotConnect, you can rest assured that you will have a relentless partner in the recruitment process who works tirelessly to source the right talent with you. The only question left is — are you ready to grow?