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When Andy Chang, the shepherd of the Product Marketing team at Samsung NEXT started working with DotConnect, he knew he needed to scale. He wanted to identify key talent in functional areas quickly, and he knew that DotConnect would allow him to do that quickly.

DotConnect stepped in and created a deep exploration of their processes (or lack of processes!) and together, they determined they needed to set up a lot of systems:

DotConnect stepped in and created a deep exploration of their processes (or lack of processes!) and together, they determined they needed to set up a lot of systems:

They needed clear expectations to be set with their internal hiring team

They needed a deep and clear understanding of what salary ranges could and should be

Once DotConnect evaluated and proposed processes, Samsung NEXT got clear about their movement. They were able to properly qualify the types of candidates they wanted, they got clear kickoff calls and pre-briefs so the internal team could align with a single goal, and Andy was able to create a conversation so they could always kick off with a clear process.

“DotConnect partners with me and treats me as if they were sitting right next to me even though they’re miles or geographies away.”

DotConnect helped Andy become confident.

If his team needs a certain type of person or needs to fill a specific role, he knows DotConnect is going to make that happen.

“I would highly recommend DotConnect to a company
that is looking to grow and scale. They’re nimble, scrappy,
adaptable, able to adjust and adapt to the client’s needs
and circumstances. They are effectively an extension of
my team.”

“DotConnect has all the professionalism and panache of
Wall Street headhunting without the corporate bullshit.”

Rachel joined Samsung NEXT as the very first Head of Product Marketing, and though she didn’t have product marketing experience in the past, the hiring team and DotConnect saw some sparkle in her. She had been a
Creative Director for clients, a Head of Marketing for a brand, and she was handling marketing for the company she was part of. After that, she hit the road for a yearlong freelance journey until Andy, the hiring manager at
Samsung NEXT spotted her.

“We saw so much in Rachel in terms of her talent, and we
identified that quickly and we moved quickly to bring her on board, bring her on site, make very quick decisions, and give her an offer.” – Andy Change, Hiring Manager for Product Marketing Team
at Samsung NEXT.

The decision to move from a yearlong freelancer to Head of Product Marketing at Samsung NEXT was seamless with the help of Erica and the DotConnect team.

“With DotConnect, it was frictionless. At every stage gate,
Erica was clear about what next steps look like and who else was in the process, so it was transparent and mature.”

Before DotConnect…

“My issue with recruiters is that I feel like I’m an automated response waiting to happen.” Erica was well-versed in Rachel’s past experiences and her skillset, so there wasn’t any jockeying for Rachel to see where she stood.

“I find that a lot of recruiters are inadvertently disingenuous. Their intention is to be transparent but it’s hard to be, and I get the sense that they don’t have a vested interest in me, but rather see me as a human resources to fill a job opportunity. It leaves me feeling slighted.”

But DotConnect is different…

“Erica structured and built the infrastructure in a way that was necessary, professional, and proper. DotConnect is more compassionate more open more casual, but hybridized with
professionalism of having a strong structure and cadence to how things should be, and that combination feels genuine, empathetic, and appropriate in all the ways that it needs to be.”

Opportunity to learn, opportunity for mentorship, opportunity to be surrounded with smart people

In her new role, Rachel is learning how to do things as she’s doing them. She’s focused on gaining confidence, setting healthy workplace boundaries (to avoid burnout, obviously!), and troubleshooting to make sure she’s listening to herself.

“DotConnect was incredibly professional and honest and
I found that to be refreshing and reassuring. I was anchored with a sense of confidence and clarity around where I stood and what I would come up against.”

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