We’re unicorn hunters who create legendary teams.

At DotConnect, we’re not your typical recruiters. We’re conscious connectors who work with a high level of intention to build outstanding teams and stellar corporate culture.

We are firm believers that human power is the source of any team’s success, and you need to focus on the whole person if you want to achieve success. That’s why we make it a point to form relationships on both sides of the recruiting process.

Our Vision / Values

When it comes to recruiting, it’s safe to say that we are cut from a different cloth. We are a team of dedicated talent advisors that live and work by the following values.


We have positive energy, are calm and compassionate, and have a strong awareness of ourselves and others.


We work with grit, self-determination, and perseverance when things aren’t easy.


We are coachable and meet conflict with curiosity.


We are the owners of our work product and deliver results for our clients.


We are hardworking, hungry, and eager.


We know that work is just a facet of the human experience, and we choose to make it fun while we’re doing it.

Who We Serve

At DotConnect, we are here to work with human-led companies that want a hiring partner and are willing to make people-focused decisions that foster personal and professional growth on their teams. 

Our clients want a change in how they recruit

They want to build partnerships that achieve success

They are willing to put their people first

And they want to scale their business mindfully

They don’t want to hand over their entire recruiting process

who we serve

How We're Different

We don’t want to take over your entire recruiting process, fill your org chart, and bounce. Instead, we want to grow a partnership, learn what makes your business tick, and help you grow an impactful corporate culture.