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DotConnect won 3 awards in 2022. Based on 1,480 ratings and 51 participants, employees at DotConnect are very satisfied with their work experience. The overall culture score, 88/100 or A-, incorporates employee ratings based on their feedback on the Work Culture, Team, Environment and more.

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We’re Unicorn Hunters Who Create Legendary Teams.

At DotConnect, we’re not your typical recruiters. We’re conscious connectors who work with a high level of intention to build outstanding teams and stellar corporate culture.

We are firm believers that human power is the source of any team’s
success, and you need to focus on the whole person if you want to
achieve success. That’s why we make it a point to form relationships on both sides of the recruiting process.

Meet The Team.

Dominique Farnan

Founder and CEO

Erica Downing


Gulliver Farnan

Creative Director

Who We Serve.

At DotConnect, we are here to work with human-led companies that want a hiring partner and are willing to make people-focused decisions that foster personal and professional growth on their teams.

Some Companies We’ve Worked With.

Let’s build your team together.

If you’re looking for someone just to fill seats at your organization and leave, keep looking. At DotConnect, we put in the hard work to find candidates that are dedicated to your company’s mission and keep working with you to grow a people-focused culture.

Step 01:

We partner with your HR staff and hiring managers to learn what you need from the recruitment process. Don’t expect us to look at an org chart and leave — we like to make ourselves comfortable.

Step 02:

After we set up, we start digging to find the perfect fit for your team. The best talent isn’t always local, and we’re literally willing to travel the globe to source the right people for you.

Step 03:

Once we’ve found the right humans for your team, we support and educate them, so they know what to expect when they start. The last thing you want from a new team member is culture shock.

Step 04:

This step is where the magic really happens. We continue to nurture your team and work with you to grow a human-centric corporate culture that reflects your brand — it’s what makes people excited to stay.

Here's What Working With Us Looks Like.

Hustling to build a determined team at Beautycounter

Our goal was to source talent and function as a client executive when we first partnered with Beautycounter, but the relationship grew into something much more than that. Keep reading to learn how we nurtured growth at Beautycounter and found mission- focused people for their team! Read More

Making the hiring process fun for
Sean Wilson

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Helping Samsung NEXT Build Confident Teams

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Creating a humble and determined team for Zendesk

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Top rated Company

One of the best mentors

Hear What
Our Client Says
About Us.

“I highly recommend Dom and DotConnect. A few things especially stand out — Dom is always looking out for the candidates’ best interests as well as the firm she represents. She is able to become a trusted partner to candidates during the interview process. Moreover she is creative in sourcing candidates, relentless ‘til it’s done, and maintains a high degree of communication throughout the process.”

Jairaj Sounderrajan Head of GTM @ Samsung Next

“I had the privilege of working with Dom in both hard-to-fill and high-volume tech jobs. She flexes quickly to source for highly specialized skills or broad talent pipelines. I was consistently impressed with her ability to learn the business and culture, develop credibility with our most senior leaders, and create compelling relationships with candidates that facilitated high rates of offer closes. She is a true pro and a great partner.“

Scott Withycombe Head of HR, DIRECTV

“We would not have had the success we have had hiring top talent if it were not for the team at DotConnect. Dom and her team have been great partners both to Talent Acquisition and our hiring managers. They take the time to get to know our business, culture, and people. They are truly part of our team. It is seamless to the point that people don’t know they aren’t full-time employees of the company. I couldn’t be happier with the way they have represented us.”

TRAVIS JABARA Director, Talent Acquisition, BEAUTYCOUNTER

“Dom is, without doubt, the most experienced and knowledgeable recruiter I’ve worked with in my entire 20-year career. Her understanding of the hiring company’s strategy, leadership, culture, and challenges, combined with her market/industry expertise and ability to connect and seamlessly guide a candidate throughout the recruitment/hiring process, makes her a triple threat. She is an incredible communicator, leader, and recruiter. I consider her recruitment services a game-changer for organizations demanding highly-qualified, unique, and transformational candidates.”

MATT POLLARD Executive Candidate

“Finding the ideal candidate for any open role can be a frustrating and arduous process. Dom and her team efficiently cultivated a top-tier candidate pool with thoughtful analysis and insight for each individual, cutting through the fluff to deliver results on time and on budget. In a competitive market, great recruiting requires a combination of outreach and filtering to extract the best possible candidates from the largest pool. Dom is exceptional at finding the outliers and pulling them into the consideration mix.”

ANDY McSORELY Global General Manager, ADIDAS Head of Product, NIXON / ADIDAS

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We’ve helped industry leaders like Beautycounter, Samsung NEXT, and Zendesk build their dream teams, and we can do the same for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can transform your hiring process.