Hustling to build a determined team at Beautycounter

“I give DotConnect my most difficult searches.” Travis Jabara, Director of Talent Acquisition - Beautycounter

“They give me the ability to start implementing programs, processes, and employer branding that I wouldn’t have time to do otherwise.” Travis knows that filling positions is about relationships.

At the beginning of their work together, DotConnect partnered with Beautycounter as a recruiter and a client executive, but over time, DotConnect’s relationship with Beautycounter grew to provide idea generation, sourcing, and full-cycle recruitment and support.

“It was really important for us to find candidates who are mission focused and DotConnect has been able to do that…”

When Travis started at Beautycounter, there was no talent acquisition team and no HR, so they were building a team and processes from scratch. DotConnect came in to provide, create, and support new strategies so Beautycounter could create a team full of energized, skilled, and excited people.

And Beautycounter was able to see the immediate impact of partnering with DotConnect…DotConnect helped hire one of Beautycounter’s best candidates, a digital product manager who has ingrained herself in Beautycounter’s culture.

From leading bi-weekly meditation groups and heading up team yoga classes, she goes way beyond supporting the digital product team, and she exemplifies the type of driven candidates that DotConnect is able to connect with.

“Partnering with DotConnect has been great. They’re tireless, they know how to identify good candidates, they build good relationships with hiring managers, and they have great candidate management skills.”

● $6000 saved on cost per hire

● Reduced reliance on agencies

Making the hiring process fun for Sean Wilson, Engineering Manager at Beautycounter

Sean first connected with DotConnect through Hired, and when Dom reached out, he was already pretty far in the hiring process with another company.

But he hated the rushed process, and found that working with DotConnect was refreshing.

And DotConnect knew how to support Sean’s needs…

Beautycounter was looking for a lead engineer to take over the mobile app development team. At the time, they had been working on an app with a third-party vendor, but they wanted to move away from vendors and into in-house teams.

“A lot of times you get on the phone with recruiters and they don’t actually understand what you do. When you start the interview process as an engineer, you talk to a lot of recruiters and it’s hard for anything to stand out.”


Sean was partnering with a recruiting agency that was moving way too fast for him, and he wasn’t vibing with the client’s needs. Their demands seemed off-putting, and the recruiting firm didn’t vouch for him and his time.

But DotConnect was different…

“It was a seamless process and I felt cared for. When I asked for relocation fees, DotConnect went to bat for me and made sure I got everything that I needed.”

And Sean actually partners with DotConnect when he builds his own teams…

“We also hired one of our engineers through Dom and we got a really great candidate. It was a collaborative process, we were going back and forth on what I was and wasn’t looking for, and I would definitely recommend DotConnect to candidates or teams.”