Vivid Vision



It’s December 31st, 2024, and DotConnect leads the conscious connector movement. 

We change the way companies hire and bring forward a paradigm shift to transform the recruiting industry: From being reactive to intentional and chaotic to calm. From being shitty to being fun. Hiring doesn’t have to suck. We shine a light on the necessary evil and bring out its bright side by fusing consciousness into organizations. Less corporate, more conscious.

Core Values.


We show up ready to collaborate with a mindful attitude, positive energy, and compassionate awareness of ourselves and others.

Willing To Help

We have the grit and self-determination to persevere when things aren’t easy.

Driven By A Growth Mindset

We’re hungry and eager to learn, so we stay coachable, curious, and never play defense.

Ownership + Delivery

We genuinely care about our work and the lives we touch, always hit goals, and deliver excellence

Have Fun

We understand that regardless of what happens, it’s all going to be okay, so we bring the fun and humor to every situation.


As conscious connectors, we liberate corporate cultures from outdated, toxic mindsets. But it’snot enough to merely carry the torch and fan the flames of growth; we embody the change we wish to see. We show up with awareness and intention, seeing one another for the whole of who they truly are and emboldened by the confidence of being valued, appreciated, and cared for. Because we know it’s brutal out there, no one will ever feel like a lone wolf here. We start at the good part of everyone’s career journey, where ego-centric division is rejected and inclusivity is restored.

We’re grounded in our authenticity and never project our emotions. We may change lives, but we don’t save them. So we keep things lighthearted. Our warmth, approachability, and complete honesty set the tone for internal interactions just as much as external— and that’s why candidates and clients can feel the Dot difference. We always create environments for our team to connect, from daily stand-ups to express gratitude and improv sessions to bond with clients to standard all-hands meetings, informal town halls, AMA’s, and fireside chats. Mistakes are coaching opportunities—we meet them with curiosity and love rather than defensiveness and closedness. Questions are always welcome, and team members are encouraged to ask for help. Everyone is highly confident in their roles, taking leadership and ownership within their
Slack channels light up with praise from clients and sharing the wins from major accomplishments while our monthly Get- Shit-Done award spotlights a new victor. We speak everyone’s love language. Individual voice memos and handwritten notes express our appreciation for a team member going above and beyond, while weekly win waterfalls resound with our natural inclination to collectively cheer each other on. We are the creators of our reality. A reality where wishes come true. Each quarter, team members submit their wishes for a chance to have their aspirations fulfilled. If we hit major goals, we’ll celebrate with a few Fridays off, and when we achieve a major milestone, our entire global team gets together to have some fun.
If team member’s are passionate about an educational event or pursuing professional certifications, we will support them in their desire to reach new heights. Leaders and high-potential team members have access to group coaching programs to build a cohesive foundation of tools and values. We always experiment with the evolution of growth and development. Spiritual retreats are either team excursions or gifted to individuals who will benefit from the experience. And if we can’t make it to the sacred soil, healers and guides come to us. Aveda, breathwork, and meditation practices led by local mindfulness teams are just as baked into our process as training programs, masterclasses, and opportunities for mentorship and mobility within our ecosystem.

Meet The Team.

Dominique Farnan Founder and CEO

Is the visionary behind our mission. Primarily focused on thought leadership and teaching within the conscious connector space, she holds the torch for bringing consciousness to corporate, evangelizing the way we do our work, and creating possibilities for others to do the same.

Erica Downing COO

Is our integrator and mastermind behind the running of all operations.

Michael Grippo VP of Growth

Fuels our forward expansion by overseeing all partnerships and client management. The Client Engagement Lead Team owns the health and happiness of client relationships by serving as their primary point of contact.

Gulliver Farnan Creative Director

Oversees a team of Delivery Leads who manage recruiters and serve as guiding lights and beacons of deep recruiting expertise. They remain in the trenches while Recruiters serve on the frontlines.

Our off-shore Sourcing Department owns the top of the funnel, constantly pulling in talent and partnering with recruiters to uncover the best candidates while maintaining a pulse on the market.
The Recruiting Coordination Department acts as our candidate concierge and base of support for recruiters by scheduling and managing the candidate experience.

Core Business Activities.

DotConnect is a boutique recruiting company that offers embedded, on-demand support. As talent advisors, we transform businesses based on the quality of people within them and support candidates in finding cultures that align with their values. We help organizations build their dream teams and job seekers build their dream lives.
We leave an impression. Some like us right off the bat, and others eventually come around to our continuous positive feedback loop. As masters of the game, we invite you to bring us your longest laundry list of everything you thought couldn’t be possible. We make it possible for you. We work with you to come up with a creative solution to your hardest problem that no one else will touch.


Growth & Marketing

Media & Awards



We are a remote organization that thrives in the freedom and flexibility to create a day that’s in service to our greatest joy. But we also relish the chance to collaborate in person from time to time. Team members are welcome to come as they are, show up in their own authenticity, and float in and out of our California offices as they please. Our virtual meetings always kick off with a song and dance session, so it’s only natural that our physical space reverberates with the same high frequency enthusiasm. The airy, casual environment is continuously active, punctuated by the sound of our favorite playlist, keeping the positive energy going and flowing throughout the day.

Growth & Marketing

Our work with enterprise transformation clients gives us great fulfillment. It allows us to impact massive corporate ships, exponentially expanding our conscious connection ethos. The majority of our clients are either return clients or new business that results from the exceptional word-of-mouth referrals of our long-term relationships. We love working with people we have a history with and starting at a level of trust that’s been carefully cultivated—but we also love a fresh challenge. 

Our new website launch offers a more humanized approach to the industry, leveraging email campaigns, blogs, and resource sections that support both talent and hiring managers. Combined with our investment in social media content and PR campaigns, we meet more new clients and sink our teeth into the endless opportunities of jobs to fill, people to talk to, and different stories to hear that keep our work exciting.

Media & Awards

Dominique steadfastly evangelizes our conscious approach to corporate culture through TED Talks, a book tour, podcast interviews, and various speaking engagements. Her commitment to lead by example and ability to teach by pulling anecdotes, stories, and lessons from decades of experience magnetize media attention just as much as it does new clients and potential talent. National publications light up with our success in conscious connection, headlining our proven programs, standout processes, and the secret to our thriving remote-first, global culture.


This year we’ve doubled our year-over-year growth and deftly exceeded $30M in gross revenue with a profit margin over 40%.

Giving Forward .

As a female-led company, helping women find and own their power makes our hearts sing. Our non-profit foundation supports victims of domestic violence and empowers women to achieve their own financial independence with upskilling, training, and job sourcing. By helping them create their own portal to exit toxic, harmful situations, we can free mothers and their children from the continuous cycle of disempowerment and abuse.

Founder Feeling .

DotConnect was named after my grandmother, and the more time I spend building this company, the more I realize that this is really her mission. She had a pretty hard life and never had an opportunity to work and create anything for herself. And that’s a situation that many women find themselves in. Our future is in service to creating opportunities for women and giving them opportunities to be financially independent, making their own money, and doing their own thing.

We are the creators of our own life.

If our vision calls to you, get curious and reach out to set up a time to talk. In our business, one conversation can change your life.