Three Mindset Shifts That Can Help Shift Your Career

Notebook on a desk with phone, plant, pencil, glasses, and laptop.

Do you ever feel like you’re running in place?Do you set lofty goals at the beginning of the year only to end the year in a relatively same place that you started?Maybe you lack inspiration and motivation, and you tend to cave into temptation once willpower inevitably gives way.Maybe life gets busy, and the power of habit keeps you returning to the same old ways of doing things again and again.If this is you, the first step toward change is self-forgiveness. There’s nothing wrong with you. Life is challenging for everyone, and there’s no way to predict all the curveballs that it throws. If you’re too judgemental and hard on yourself, that will actually work against you by creating low self-worth and making you equate change and transformation with uncomfortable, unpleasant feelings.Plus, if you want to change but haven’t yet, it’s likely that you’re just using the wrong strategy. You may be relying too much on willpower, external motivations, or future outcomes.While those can contribute to transformation, you’ll get further by focusing on changing your perspective, aligning with your values, and being grateful for what you already have. These generate feelings of presence, purpose, and appreciation.Shifting your mindset can shift your energy, your focus, and ultimately, your professional path. It’s all about working through your thoughts so that they work for you instead of against you.Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can modify your mindset and get the results you want.