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Building a lasting team goes beyond finding the perfect candidate with the right qualifications. Your people need the proper support and resources to grow a company culture that honors them as human beings first. At DotConnect, our team of talent advisors makes the impossible possible by pairing clients with candidates that make dreams come true and promoting a positive corporate culture along the way — cue the happily ever after music.

How We Work

We’re not a typical recruitment agency — we’re an RPO that provides fully-embedded, on-demand talent acquisition teams deployed within your organization. We help you build relationships with candidates and level up your hiring process by working internally with your hiring teams to locate top talent in your industry.


You need stellar people to work at your organization, and we have the tools to attract and retain top talent. We know where skilled talent hides out, and we can help you build a meaningful corporate culture that draws them in.


You will never be left in the dark during or after the recruitment process when you partner with Dot. Your Client Engagement Lead will work with you every step of the way to refine your hiring processes — from set-up to the after-party.


Your team is ready to grow — it just needs the proper processes in place to be effective. Our team works in tandem with your hiring managers to build systems that help you attract, source, and hire talent on a massive scale.


Strong relationships are essential for your organization to thrive. Working with us opens the door for genuine human connection with your candidates during the hiring process and beyond.

Find Your Way With Path Connect

Are you a recruiter looking to boost your effectiveness, someone looking to make a pivot in your career, or unsure of the next step in your professional path?  

If so, Path Connect is for you! This 12-week accelerator taught by our Founder and CEO, Dom Farnan, is designed to help you become an invaluable asset with an in-demand skill set. Increase your learning agility, expand your knowledge of org charts and culture adds, and learn what it takes to source and vet top talent for tech organizations with Path Connect!

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At DotConnect, we build relationships with companies looking to scale their teams and foster a positive corporate culture. We’ve partnered with these companies and more!

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