Dominique - CEO Head Shot

Dominique Farnan

Founder & CEO


Dom Farnan is the energy-conducting, liberating soul of DotConnectllc™. As
Founder and CEO, she brings over 20 years’ experience marrying the
art of talent acquisition with human-first leadership.

Dom’s mission to empower talent and detoxify the recruitment industry has

brought her heart-to-heart with leading organizations such as the National Football
League (NFL), Snapchat, Samsung Next, and Zendesk, and her professional prowess
parallels her dynamic personal evolution.
After developing alongside leaders such as Seth Godin in his altMBA program,
Gerard Adams in the Conscious Leaders Mastermind, the women of Chief, and
dozens of others, Dom bloomed from merely surviving workaholic culture to
thriving—shattering the belief that high performance has to cost inner peace.

Now, Dom sparks possibility, not only for talent seeking the right corporate fit, but
for corporations themselves. As the mastermind of the DotConnect™ Talent
Acquisition Framework, she unites the conscious connection movement
with corporate hiring.
While championing her global team and clients, Dom co-creates a beautiful life in California with her husband, Gulliver, and son, Baxter. She is writing her first book and sharing her leadership journey on podcasts such as Ascend and Transcend, The Hidden Why, and Mission Matters . Join Dom in her movement toward conscious flourishing via LinkedIn and Instagram

Erica Downing - COO

Erica Downing



The Integrator Extraordinaire

As the Chief Operating Officer at DotConnectllc™, Erica Downing is
not afraid of a challenge—good thing, since she’s tasked with executing the
company’s vision through defined processes and team member empowerment.
Erica has perfected the pairing of up-for-anything enthusiasm with sharp business savvy, making her a master at operationalizing, follow through, and creating


Erica shames her competition by paying attention to the details, but we think her badassery is what really sets her apart. She is constantly on the hunt for culture-
driven corporate partners and new ways to bring meaning and purpose to her work.

Michael Grippo - VP of Growth

Michael Grippo

VP of Growth


DotConnect’s™ Vice President for Growth, Michael Grippo, is all about
building conscious brand partnerships with culturally-aligned
companies. He makes corporate hiring more human, proving that a mindful
approach isn’t just good for rapport; it’s good for business.


Michael’s storied path from working in his family’s pizza shop in New Jersey to legal compliance expert and Sports Marketing Agent to Attorney Recruiter helped him
discover the truth he carries into every project: people aren’t transactions, and
their worth isn’t tied to resumes. Don’t expect cookie-cutter approaches from


Michael, either: he cheers on others’ growth in ways that feel best for them.
Michael’s genius for nurturing relationships and building brand alliances makes him a perfect ambassador for DotConnect’s™ core principles.

Myesha Luster

Myesha Luster

Head of Operations


Myesha’s 19 years in finance and information technology revved up her passion for
new ways to get things done, shaping who she is today: a Head of Operations with
the heart of a teacher.

When she’s not unscrambling complex challenges for the team, you’ll find her
turning key performance indicators into something your great-grandma can

Myesha is driven to bring more communities of color into modern conversations
about technology, and she believes businesses should lead with collaboration,
innovation, and community in mind.

Gulliver Farnan

Creative Director


As the Creative Director of DotConnectllc™, Gulliver carries the company’s values and integrity into every visual.


Hints of Gulliver’s free-spirited, nature-loving youth are evident in his professional and personal emphasis on freedom: freedom to explore, create, and build organizational cultures that honor individuals and the collective. He advocates for
breaking away from alternative realities of the internet to relish balance, presence, and our planet.

His investment in creative processes, as well as the problem-solving strategy he leads at DotConnect™, make Gulliver a unique player in reimagining
the recruitment landscape. He believes that creating good things takes time and effortboth of which he pours into projects and people alike.


Matt Bettes

Delivery Director


Matt Bettes’ story started like all good heroic journeys: when he headed West. And all his adventures–as Account Manager and business owner to the Client Engagement Lead at DotConnect–taught him that an open mind and an honest approach build the best professional relationships.


With a light attitude and a clear vision, Matt coaches hiring managers into elevating their processes. It’s not about making the placement under any means necessary,
it’s about treating people with the kindness and understanding that they deserve. But that doesn’t stop him from succeeding–he’s known for filling previously
unfillable roles and thriving in extreme unknowns.