Motivation, Meditation + Movement; Three Ways to Create a Routine in May

Woman writing in a journal.

Let’s face it: left to our own devices, we’re basically lost at sea! Forgetting about our very precious TLC while shuffling through the chaos of the day to day, is nearly inevitable.

At DotConnect, we know that having a routine is key to prioritizing the self care we all need to be our best selves. Only then can we excel in our own very wild, and very unique universe that we call life.

We know, sometimes even sticking to a routine can seem like a bit much. Worry not! Our amazing Dot Crew members have shared their top three ways to create a tangible routine to live your best life in the month of May. You might even be surprised at how simple it is to have an effective pattern as part of your current day to day.

Let’s get to plannin’!

Motivation: Journal Away

Journaling can seem like a difficult ritual to stick to. We all get a surge of excitement, buy that trendy notebook (and maybe the fun pens too, but that could be just me), and get ready to begin our daily writing sessions. That lasts about three days before we realize, journaling isn’t part of our jam.

Now you know you’re not alone!

Starting a journaling ritual can be difficult without proper expectations and guidance. Once you’ve established a method you can commit to, the benefits will start flowing in.

For starters, journaling can help manage through the stress and anxiety that we live through during the daily shuffle. Taking the time to jot down your experiences can help you process through your emotions in a healthy way. It can also serve as a medium to routinely check in on yourself, and stay in touch with your values on a daily basis.

To get started, begin with a few prompts to guide the process. We liked this list from Thought Catalog to help stay focused. Then, find your way back to that new, unused notebook, and embark your journaling journey!

Meditating: Be Still

Sometimes, finding the time to actually be still amidst daily grind can seem unrealistic. We get it. We’ve all been aspirational, high-achievers who can’t stomach the idea to just stop for a second and get back to reality.

What we’ve found, however, is that getting back to “reality” is critical for achieving the awareness you need for the intentionality, rationality, and clarity you use to navigate through all of the woes and tests that come your way.

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in the idea that we’re supposed to respond to every encounter as quickly as possible. Who fed us these crazy ideas? What we know, is that being still before reacting, and moving just slowly enough to to have consciousness and perspective – enhances our engagements tenfold. Suddenly, we’re accessing our awareness, our integrity, and that “chill” factor we used to pretend to have (guess what, you’re now officially chill, indeed.)

So, at your next opportunity, just take a second, and be still. Count to 10, and give yourself the moment (or moments) you need to really process your current reality. Approach it with the character and firm conviction that defines you. Then, relish in the joy and pride of the outcome of your decision.

Movement: Exercise

Okay, we’ve always known this one! But did you know the NHS states that adults really only need 150 minutes of physical activity a week? That’s, a grand total of 2.5 hours – and with some consistency, it doesn’t seem so out of reach, right?

While we know it’s beneficial for our weight, and general health, the benefits of exercise are actually far greater for enhancing how we show up in other areas of our lives.

For starters, exercise is proven to help with our overall brain function; research shows that the release of endorphins helps to fight depression and anxiety. Additionally, it can help improve mental sharpness and energy levels.

Over time, exercise also positively impacts your sleep, and leads to better health overall (with things like decreased blood pressure, and maintained weight). All of these things in turn lead to an improved quality of life – which is great, considering we have to live it!

To do this successfully, find a workout that works best for you. Find an activity that you enjoy, and include it as much as possible throughout your daily routine, and into the workplace. Here at DotConnect, we share our daily movement rituals in a slack channel to keep each other motivated and inspired. To support your routine, It’s important that your regimen is one you can stick to and visit consistently.

Now, It’s Time to Execute

Once you’ve taken just a few minutes to iron out the details, you’ll find that creating and executing on a routine that works for you, is easier than you think. You deserve the freedom and peace to navigate through life with ease. Now go, and routine away!